Nickname: MSB

Birthday: August 4

Current Location: Mumbai – India

It often takes people a while to transition from “I love riding bikes” to “I am a cyclist.” I started cycling only with the intention of using my skills to raise funds for people who come from the most vulnerable areas of my life. In 2015, I cycled 1200km and raised Rs. 10 Lakh with the help of the Rotary Club of Bombay Worli, for Rahat Manzil Orphanage in Srinagar. In 2016, I cycled 2700km in 12 days and raised 26 Lakh rupees for meritorious students restrained by finances and established scholarships at various universities around India. My biggest challenge has been to arrive at the realization that spending time in the pain-cave can educate you about yourself in more ways than just how many watts you can generate or what speed you can touch. I aspire to continue growing as a cyclist and as a human being and play a role, howsoever insignificant, in making a positive difference to the lives of those around me.

Career Highlights

Sugarfree Cyclothon ITT: February 2017- Winner

Thaar 250 Race: January 2017 – Winner

Decathalon Sprint Race: February 2017 – Winner

Nashik Peloton Race: January 2017 – Rank 2

Thane Mayor’s Race: November 2016 – Rank 3

MCACA Ghatkopar Race: June 2016 – Rank 3

Mumbai Championship: July 2016 – Rank 2

Desert 500Race: February 2016 – Winner

Up Close, and Personal

To me, sport stands for

Sport is my primal and very real process of self-discovery that transcends the ‘ordinary’ of everyday; it is where I push myself above and beyond who I was yesterday as I assert my dominance, first over my personal inhibitors and then on my surroundings.

On a typical training day,

I do: Cycling 50-70km, Run 3-5 km, Gym 20-30 minutes

I eat: Eggs, Fruit Juice/Soy Milk/ Almond Milk for breakfast; Fat can be good for recovery, when used in moderation but I try to avoid trans fat Post- training, I try to have salad and yoghurt; for lunch/dinner I try to have fish and/or chicken breast fried in olive oil and broccoli.

I wear: High-cut Socks (make no mistake- the socks are very important), one very comfortable pair of shorts that are a reflective of my commitment to the sport (Lycra), white road shoes with cleats that click with an audible sound on being cleated-in (the click is important).

I listen to: Beatles, Daft Punk, Scorpions, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder (Superstition), A R Rehman

I recover by: Massages, cold therapy, a good night’s sleep

I cross-train by: Handling litigation in Court J, and swimming

My idea of an effective training session is

A session that leaves my lungs searing and my legs on fire. In fact, I genuinely feel that a ride is incomplete without that rush. But one must learn to balance the hard efforts with adequate recovery as well, for ideal results. Something like this- ( )

The moment when I discovered my athletic potential was

As a child, I used to race against a school bus over a 15 km stretch. It helped my fragile ego that the bus took multiple stops on the way but I used to finish before the bus almost everyday. I started racing around the Dal Lake in Srinagar and felt I could take on the next level.

The three biggest lessons I have learnt so far in my athletic career

1. There will always be someone faster, lighter, younger and better than you so unless you keep reinventing yourself everyday, you can’t stay on the top.

2. We live in a culture of immediacy but as much as one would like it, getting good at a sport is a gradual process and one must learn to enjoy the journey.

3. The reward for being the best is not that you take less suffering to finish the climb; rather, the reward is that you are now able to absorb greater levels of suffering. The reward of aiming to be the best is that we learn how far we can push ourselves, and thus reveal to ourselves the true mettle of our character.

Before a big race, I tell myself

“You are all you need.”

The toughest race of my life was

Mayor’s Race in Thane. My average HR was 190 BPM for 90 minutes.
( )

The most memorable moment of my sporting career so far

Ahmedabad Sugarfree Cyclothon ITT Rank 1

My training sanctuary is

EEH for flats, Raheja Vihaar/ Yeoor for climbs, BKC for intervals

My dream starting line is

Eddy Merckx, Andre Darrigade, Mario Cipollini, Mark Cavendish, Caleb Ewan, Marcel Kittel

I nourish my soul with

I write, I read, and I fill my mind up with the most irrelevant and obscure information which, incidentally, makes for very good conversation 😛

RRUNN helps me by

RRUNN helps me maintain the balance of salts and minerals to be just right to help my muscles work at their peak, optimising my riding performance, and ensuring my overall health and recovery as well.

I have chosen to associate with Unived because…

Good nutrition can be the difference between ‘asserting your dominance in a race’ or ‘watching others fly by you’. Proper nutrition plays a unique, rather unparalleled role in a great athletic performance. I’ve personally tested the range of products of RRUNN during my races, as well as training, and I’m thoroughly satisfied with the results.

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