Nickname: Mickey

Birthday: August 5

Current Location: Mumbai – India

I am a distance runner. I love running in different cities and routes. Working out always completes my day. I started running at a very young age were I represented my school. I had always admired running marathons. So I started working my way towards distance running. Sometimes I manage to get on the podium but for me it’s mostly about the performance and getting better every year. After everything it all comes to having a healthy Lifestyle.

Career Highlights

World 10K – Bangalore: 00:36:30

Vasai Virar Mayors Marathon: 2016 – 21.0975k: 01:21:53

Up Close, and Personal

To me, sport is…

To me, sport is the most important part of my life. Without which life would’ve been dull. It has bought me so many opportunities and has set a platform to display what I do  best.

On a typical training day,

I do: I do different workouts like interval training, tempo runs, strength and core training, etc.
I eat: I mostly eat home cooked food which contains high protein and carbs.
I wear: For training I wear comfortable and breathable clothes and a pair of shoes with tight midfoot hold.
I listen to: I listen to soft music to calm myself before a workout. During the workout I prefer listening to rock music.
I recover by: My recovery is a slow easy run with some stretching and a bottle of Unived pea protein.
I cross-train by: I cross-train one or twice a week by either cycling or swimming.

My idea of an effective weight training session is

A training session is effective when you finish what you start or have planned to do while doing it with the best form and technique.

The moment when I discovered my athletic potential was

I found my running potentials when I was a kid and I was registered for a road race and did better than many other kids even without much training.

The three biggest lessons I have learnt so far in my athletic career are

1. There are no shortcuts towards achieving your goals.

2. There is always room for improvement.

3. Giving your best is always more satisfying than winning.

Before a big race, I tell myself

I tell myself to be calm and keep thinking about the strategies I have made for the race.

The toughest race of my life was

Tiger Hill challenge because it had the most elevation over all the other races I’ve participated.

The most memorable moment of my sporting career so far

Winning the Lala Lajpat Rai trophy at the MSSA sports twice in two years.

My training sanctuary is

I mostly train on roads and tracks cause I like to be outdoors more.

My dream starting line is

Boston Marathon.

I nourish my soul with

I nourish my soul by being near pets and listening to music.

Unived helps me by

RRUNN Pre: it helps me start of my workouts and give instant energy to pull off hard tasks.

RRUNN Endurance Gel: When I’m out on a long run, this little pack of gel works like wonders. It refuels the source of energy and keeps the body going.

RRUNN Post: having this product within 20 mins of the workout helps me with my recovery. It prevents any cramps and provides recovery for muscles. It helps me recover for the next workout.

In 2018, I am setting my sights on…

In 2018 I will be running my first full marathon at Tata Mumbai marathon in the month of January. After that I will be working on many 10k events which might also include world 10k at Bangalore.

I have chosen to associate with Unived because…

Unived is most trusted with its product with great satisfaction and results.

My favorite Unived product is…

Organic Pea Protein.

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