Gautam Pothineni

Unived Athlete Gautam Pothineni

Gautam Pothineni

Ultra Runner

Career Highlights

Current personal records

5K – 19:31
10K – 40:20
HM – 01:30:09
Marathon – 03:38:57
Comrades Down Run – 10:08:57
Super Randonneur

I was a washed out cricketer and a borderline alcoholic by the age of 22 when I picked up running as a sport. 7 years down the line, I have quit my Consulting/Chartered Accountancy job in a Big 4 to pursue a career as a Distance Running Coach!

Up Close, and Personal

To me, sport is stands for…

integrity, honesty and grit.

A sports personality I look up to…


On a typical training day…

I do: get out and run miles.

I gear up with: Athlos shorts, running tee/singlet, Coros watch and Road/Trail Running shoes.

I eat: Three solid home-cooked meals along with a fruit, salad and smoothie made with Unived Pea Protein.

I listen to: sounds/chirps from the nature

I recover with: Unived Elite Recovery Mix (Coco turmeric) and lots of sleep.

I cross-train with: lifting weights and biking.

My idea of an effective weight training session is…

is to hit the planned splits for each structured rep.

The moment I discovered my athletic potential was…

was when I finished my first half marathon in Nike frees and basketball shorts

The toughest aspect of being an athlete..

showing up everyday no matter what.

The three biggest lessons I have learnt so far in my athletic career is…

1. Trust the process
2. Be patient
3. Mental training is as important as physical training

Unived Athlete Gautam Pothineni Runner

Before a big race, I tell myself…

Just go out and enjoy while at it!

The toughest competition of my life was…

Hong Kong 100K in 2019 – DNFd at 80K. Going back this year to get my finish and the buckle!

The most memorable moment of my sporting career so far…

the finish line of Comrades Marathon

My training sanctuary is…

*was KBR park. Transitioning to Cubbon Park currently!

My dream starting line is…

Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

I nourish my soul with…

Running Trails.

Unived helps me by…

in recovering from the day’s training and re-building for the next day’s work.

I have chosen to associate with Unived because…

of the values/ethos of the brand

My favourite Unived product is…

Unived Elite Recovery Mix (Coco turmeric)

My 2022 goals are…

to get a sub-14 hour finish at the HK 100K and run a couple of solid trail races in India while training for the big one!

My 2022 race schedule is…

Buddha Trails – 65K – Training Run
Vagamon – 60K – Training Run
Sinhagad Epic – 42K – C Race
Solang Ultra – 60K – B Race
Malnad Ultra – 50K – Training Run
HK100 – 100K – A Race


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