The Unived Athlete team are exceptional athletes who may not be professionals but who continue to perform at a very high level, and are are great source of inspiration to us and the community at large. Many of them perform at a sub-elite level and we are fortunate to work with them and support their adventures.


Ultra-Distance Trail Runners

Unived Athlete Nupur Singh

Nupur Singh

Mountain lover and speedster, Nupur organizes races and takes part in mountain adventures.

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USA Unived Athlete Jeshurun Small

Jeshurun Small

Young chap from Colorado, Jeshurun skiis and runs.

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USA Unived Athlete Zach Ruckenbach

Zach Rickenbach

Zach is a plant-based athlete passionate about living healthy and running far!

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Dan Goldstein

A vegan athlete, Dan studied in India and now runs long races on trails!

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Sayuri Dalvi

A runner, a mother, a serial podium finisher, & Captain at Adidas runners Mumbai. Sayuri is a local hero and a phenomenal athlete.

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Unived Athlete Satwik Rajani

Satwik Rajani

From overweight to a sub-3 marathon runner, Satwik embodies perseverance and grit!

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Unived Athlete Vipul Kumar

Vipul Kumar

Young gun from North India, Vipul is an aspiring fast road runner.

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Carlee Daub

Carlee is a Supermom and Super-Runner, Wahoo!!

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Unived Athlete Anurag Konkar Runner

Anurag Konkar

Anurag is a speed demon known to burn the tarmac!

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Nivedita Samanta

Coach, runner, and dog mom to Po the Beagle, Nivi is a fitness guru and road runner.

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Sandeep Kumar

Road runner and trail runner, Sandeep loves the outdoors and is a vegan athlete.

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Reeti Sahai

Captain of Addidas Runners Delhi, Reeti is a dog lover and passionate runner whose energy is contagious.

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Nihal Baig

Up and coming triathlete from India, Nihal is dedicated and committed to raising the bar for Indian triathletes.

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Hybrid Athlete

Swetha Devaraj

A hybrid athlete, Swetha is one of the few women in India who effortlessly walks on her hands and runs on her feet!

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