Ultra-Distance Trail Runners


Camille Herron

Ultramarathoner, World Record holder in the 24hr & 100 miles distance, and taco & pizza lover.

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Hayden Hawks

After winning UTMB-CCC and finishing 3rd at TNF50, Hayden has his eyes set on the big one, UTMB.

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Harry Jones

Harry is an elite Vegan Ultra-Distance Trail Runner who has emerged to be one of the best runners in Asia, now competing on the World stage.

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Daniella Moreno

US Skyrunning Champion, Dani Moreno!

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Abby Mitchell

Plant-based trail runner and coffee connoisseur from Boulder, Colorado.

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Paul Giblin

Plant-based and arguably the best Scottish ultra-trail runner today, Paul has some big wins to his name along with two top 10 finishes at Western States!

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Matt Daniels

Matt is an olympic marathon qualifier for the US and runs for the Nike Trail team.

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Laura Kline

I was a late-comer to the running scene. I played team sports through high school and it wasn't until after college

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Ashley Hawks

Ashley is a blazing fast road runner who's transitioning into the trail scene.

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Charli McKee

I started running casually in college to offload stress and find a meditative state, but since I studied Literature

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Kieren D'Souza

One of the best trail runners in India, Kieren has podiums in some of the biggest races.

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Ruth Theresia

Ruth is a fierce Vegan ultra-trail runner from Indonesia, and currently one of the top 5 women in the Asia Trail Master series.

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Ajit Narwal

Her hair flew freely with the wind and there were infinite dreams in her eyes as she tore through the finish line to crowds cheering her.

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Unived Elite Vegan Trail Runner Sandi Nypaver

Sandi Nypaver

Plant-based trail runner, animal and nature lover.

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Henrik Westerlin

Henrik Westerlin is a Danish National team runner with ultra-distances and trail running being his forte. He has run for Denmark at the IAU World Trail championships and competed in many of the World's toughest and most prestigious ultra-marathons.

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Ashok Daniel

Running is like a mirror of life; we may have lost a little bit of ourselves and our true feelings because we depend on muscles and numbers.

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Sayuri Dalvi

A runner, a mother, a serial podium finisher. Sayuri is a local hero and a phenomenal athlete.

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Carlee Daub

Carlee is a Supermom and Super-Runner, Wahoo!!

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Unived Athlete Anurag Konkar Runner

Anurag Konkar

Anurag is a speed demon known to burn the tarmac!

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Mayur Bhivara

I am a distance runner. I love running in different cities and routes. Working out always completes my day.

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Nivedita Samanta

I began running as a 13 year old student in my boarding school in the mountains of Mussoorie, Uttarkhand, India.

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Sandeep Kumar

For me running was like thrill giving in adolscent. I use to chase everything while running like catching bus and train,

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Reeti Sahai

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Mirza Saaib Bég

A lawyer by profession, Mirza is one of the fastest cyclists in the endurance and racing circuit in India.

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Rajendra Bhaskar

Rajendra is a young ambitious cyclists and triathlete currently residing in Jaipur.

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unived athlete cyclist surya thathu

Surya Thathu

From skating to now a national level cycling bronze medalist, Surya Thathu is an upcoming cyclist.

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Sid Sharma Unived Cyclists

Siddhesh Sharma

Sid is a agile and fast cyclist.

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Nihal Baig

Up and coming triathlete from India, Nihal is dedicated and committed to raising the bar for Indian triathletes.

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Hybrid Athlete

Swetha Devaraj

A hybrid athlete, Swetha is one of the few women in India who effortlessly walks on her hands and runs on her feet!

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Kyra Shroff

Former India number 1 (under 18), Kyra's back on the circuit after a shoulder injury and is quickly gaining ground to reach the top once again.

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