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As we mark the end of 2021, we look forward to a year full of positivity and growth

The past two years were filled with uncertainties and backbreaking challenges as the globe struggled with COVID- 19. If anything, these challenging times have taught us unwavering resilience and the importance of health. While we eventually call a cease- fire on the pandemic, we are hopeful that the coming year is full of positivity and growth. 

As we 2021 comes to an end, we take this opportunity to look back and reflect on some of our achievements. While for most of us this was a year to recover, run and achieve, here at Unived, we always go an extra mile.  

A major milestone: In September 2021 we launched Rise & Grind and Rest & Recover proteins – both of which are Informed Sport Certified.  

Sports line:

Rise & Grind and Rest & Recover Proteins: 

Certified by Informed Sport these products are formulated with organic pea protein and a blend of phytonutrients to effectively assist your recovery and optimize your energy levels.

Rise & Grind protein enhances your energy, focus and concentration and is meant for consumption post your morning workouts. The ingredients present are carefully chosen to provide you with the protein required to help develop lean muscle mass and to energize your body for the day ahead.  

Phytonutrients & vitamins in Rise & Grind: Beetroot extract, digestive enzyme blend, probiotics, anhydrous caffeine, vitamin B12 and folate. This blend of phytonutrients and vitamins help maintain a positive nitrogen balance and is involved in the energy production pathways. 

Rest & Recover protein aids in recovery, deep sleep, stress relief and prevents muscle breakdown, and is to be consumed 60 mins before bedtime. The phytonutrients in this protein help in relieving stress and inducing sleep. 

Phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals in Rest & Recover: Calcium, KSM-66 Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract, digestive enzymes, probiotics, curcumin extract and L-theanine. This blend aids relaxation by reducing muscle pain and stress.  

Are these products meant for you? 

These products work in synergy to keep you energized and recovered. In combination they offer a total of 45g of protein. They can be consumed by any athlete involved in endurance training from Olympic and Elite athletes to recreational ameateur athletes.  

What is Informed Sport Supplement Certification?  

Informed Sport supplement certification is a global standard for quality assurance and supplement certification for sports nutrition. It ensures the athlete that every product with an Informed Sport logo has been tested for prohibited substances in sports and is manufactured to the highest quality standards.  

What does the certification imply?  

The certification signifies that Unived’s Rise & Grind and Rest & Recover are tested for more than 250 banned substances in sports through a rigorous screening process and passed only when tested negative for those substances. Every production batch undergoes the screening and testing process. Batches are not released for sale until they pass the screening and testing process.

Unived is one of the few Indian brands to acquire this certification; this assures our athletes at Elite and Olympic levels that the product has been manufactured under highest quality standards and is devoid of any substance that is regarded as prohibited or banned under national and international sports guidelines. 

Unived Rise & Grind and Rest & Recover Informed Sport Certified Proteins

Elite Beet-420 

Eliete Beet-420 is formulated with beetroot extract which provides 6.5% dietary nitrates per serving. Dietary nitrates stimulate an increase in the blood flow to the muscles, making it an ideal choice for athletes competing at all levels. It is currently used by Elite and Olympic athletes. 

What do dietary nitrates do? 

Extensive research has shown beetroot juice to boost athletic performance and is now gaining immense popularity as a sports nutrition supplement. The dietary nitrates in beetroot extract work by enhancing oxygen uptake in the muscles by increasing the blood flow through vasodilation. Vasodilation also results in an elevated nutrient uptake which improves performance and assists in recovery. 

Why choose Elite Beet-420? 

While raw beet roots only give up to 0.25- 0.3% of dietary nitrates, Elite Beet-420 is standardized to provide you with 6.5% of dietary nitrates per serving which is the highest content of pure dietary nitrates in any supplement in the global market. For athletes looking for a pre-workout performance boosting supplement, Elite Beet-420 is the ideal choice.  

MCT Beet-216: 

MCT Beet-216 is a blend of 70% MCT (of which 70% is caprylic acid and 30% is capric acid) and beetroot extract with 6.5% dietary nitrates. MCT acts as a source of energy, and combined with dietary nitrates, it helps elevate athletic performance and increase endurance.  

Unived Elite Beet 420 & MCT Beet 216 Supplements

Women’s line:  

PCOS Management 

PCOS can be difficult to manage, as it can hinder your daily activities and the symptoms may be confusing. Our PCOS Management supplement has helped many control and manage the symptoms associated with the syndrome. For many women, OCPs–Oral contraceptives are prescribed; however, they only momentarily relieve the symptoms, rather than targeting the hormone levels which may disturb the functioning of other systems.  PCOS has to be managed following a holistic approach which includes a healthy lifestyle, adequate physical activity and proper nutrition.  

Our PCOS Management supplement naturally regulates hormones and supports the reproductive health system with the required nutrients: inositol, alpha lipoic acid, calcium, magnesium, chromium picolinate, vitamin D3 and folate.  

Vegan Momy:  We launched a complete pre-postnatal range in September 2021 to nurture a women’s health while she experiences each beautiful phase of motherhood. Each product is formulated with RDA of each nutrient required for a to-be mom and mother.  

  1. Prenatal Multinutrient Trimester 1: Packed with vitamin A, D K and bioactive forms of vitamin B along with minerals- iron, copper, iodine and trace elements- selenium and molybdenum. 
  1. Prenatal Multinutrient Trimesters 2 & 3: In addition to the existing trimester 1 ingredients we have added vitamin C and trace elements – manganese and chromium to support the nutrient requirements of the second and third trimester.  
  1. Postnatal Multinutrient: Formulated to meet the increased nutrition demands of the recovering mother and the growing infant. It is packed with vitamins and minerals with modulated dosages.  
  1. Pre-postnatal Protein: Protein requirements throughout pregnancy remain high to support the growing fetus during gestation and to meet the requirements of the recovering mother, post-birth. It contains pea protein, calcium, magnesium and phosphotidyl choline to fulfill the nutrient demands throughout gestation and lactation. 
  1. Women’s DHA: Formulated for consumption throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, DHA is the recognized as the most important compound for developing your child’s brain health, nervous system and retina at the fetal stage. About 70% of the brain development occurs at the fetal stage; hence it becomes vital to incorporate DHA in the diet of an expecting mom.

Menopause Management: 

Some of the harsh symptoms of menopause are associated with a sudden dip in the estrogen levels. Formulated to support a woman’s body during the changing estrogen levels, this product is built to manage and soothe the wide array of symptoms experienced by a woman in her menopausal stage. It features bioactive compounds that work in synergy to aid you in your menopausal phase.  

Phytonutrients: Genistein found in soy proteins is a phytoestrogen, DIM found in crucifers stimulates cellular detoxification pathways and KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract reduces physical and psychological symptoms. 

Minerals: Zinc and boron regulate hormone levels, along with other functions like reducing inflammation and preventing bone loss, respectively. 

Vitamins: Vitamin D3 for declining vitamin D levels and vitamin E to reduce hot flushes. 

Unived Vegan Women's Supplements                                 

Basics line: 

Throughout the year, we introduced several products in the Unived’s Basics supplement line which brings you the same pedigree of quality, transparency of labeling and authenticity of ingredients. They are 100% vegan available in an affordable and pocket friendly package. Our latest addition to the range includes Basics Protein and several vitamins and minerals which support the cardiovascular system, nervous system and cognition, skeletal system and skin health.  

Unived Basics Line of Supplements

Some other products we launched this year: 

Resuming post-pandemic:  

After nearly 2 years of working from home, we finally made it back to our office. This felt nothing less than an accomplishment.   

With a fresh perspective and our goals set, we now gear up for 2022, as excited and committed as ever to continue creating quality products which remain inspired by nature and based on research. 


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