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  • Acetyl L-Carnitine or ALCAR is a super antioxidant, occurring form of L-Carnitine that specifically benefits the brain. ALCAR helps supply the brain with energy by improving energetics in the mitochondrion, the cell’s energy generator. Key Benefits
    • L-Carnitine helps convert fat to energy.
    • It is an important amino acid for heart and skeletal muscle function.
    • It has shown to improve brain function & reaction time.
    • It also helps maintain healthy triglyceride levels
  • Beta Alanine supports muscle capacity and fights muscle fatigue to benefit athletic performance. Key Benefits
    • Buffers hydrogen ions
    • Maintains pH in muscles
    • Can boost endurance
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  • 200mg of natural Caffeine & 100mg of natural L-Theanine extracted from green tea, per capsule. Caffeine is proven as a brain stimulant that increases alertness, wakefulness, attention, working memory, and physical performance. L-Theanine is a natural nootropic known to support mental focus & healthy stress levels, as well as, promote relaxation. Key Benefits
    • Calm & clean alternative to Coffee
    • Caffeine and L-Theanine work together to balance each other’s mode of action providing calm focused energy without the caffeine crash.
    • Increased alertness & focus while the feeling of calmness at the same time
  • Creatine supports energy production and helps maintain and promote lean body mass, muscle endurance, and power.

    Creatine is an amino acid that supports increases in work capacity and muscle power output. It also promotes lean body mass and supports cognitive function. Key Benefits
    • Supports an increase in work capacity & power output of muscles
    • Promotes physical endurance
    • Increases lean body mass
    • Helps the body create energy more efficiently for exercise
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  • Unived’s Elite Beet-420™  is derived from Non-GMO beetroots, and manufactured through a proprietary aqueous extraction process, which results in minimal oxalate and high mineral content, and is standardized to 6.5% dietary nitrate content. Each individual serving delivers 420mg pure dietary nitrates. Nitrates help increase blood flow to our muscles, thereby supporting oxygen uptake, and are ideal for optimal sports performance. Key Benefits
    • Supports optimal sports performance
    • Improved energy, stamina, and endurance
    • Efficient oxygen uptake & extended exercise endurance
    • May support respiratory health and healthy blood pressure levels
  • Our Elite Caffeine Strips have been designed to provide a faster, more convenient, sugar-free boost that can be taken anywhere, anytime and without water.

    Unived's Elite Caffeine Strips are used by professional runners, cyclists, triathletes and sports teams to achieve optimal performance in training and on race and game day.

    Key Benefits
    • Helps you maintain focus and allows you to train and race at peak performance.
    • Caffeine has a glycogen-sparing effect.
    • Can be used instead of your morning coffee/tea and also as a focus-agent.
    • No water required.
    • Vegan & gluten-free.
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  • Clinically proven, Organic KSM-66® Ashwagandha Root extract features the highest percentage of Withanolides derived from roots alone (5%, by HPLC) and its safety and effectiveness are supported by clinical and preclinical studies.  Key Benefits
    • Helps reduce stress, anxiety, cortisol levels and stress-related food cravings.
    • Helps promote enhanced memory and cognitive function.
    • Helps promote endurance, strength, muscle size and muscle recovery rate.
    • Helps enhance sexual performance health in both men and women, and testosterone in men.
    • Organic & Vegan version of KSM-66®
  • MCT is a great CHO alternative, quick-release, energy source, that has gained a lot of popularity as an energetic substance for extended aerobic endurance exercises, especially more so when carbohydrate supply may be limited or unavailable. Key Benefits
    • Produces ketones which are excellent fuel sources and immediately used by the brain. 
    • C-08: 70% & C-10: 30% | C-8: 3528mg & C-10: 1512mg per serving
    • MCTs are a rapid energy source that begins burning as fuel immediately. It provides long-lasting brainpower, so you can benefit from your morning caffeine boost all day long.
  • Unived’s Athlete Protein - Rest & Recover is a high quality Informed Sport Certified plant-based protein, formulated for athletes, and meant to be consumed at night, before bedtime. To accompany 20grams of Pea Protein Isolate, we have included key nutrients that support  muscle repair, recovery, deep & restful sleep, stress relief, and anti-inflammation, ensuring complete & optimal recovery and enhancing your sleep gains. Key benefits: 
    • Helps promote lean muscle development for better muscle growth and preservation.
    • Helps night time recovery by supporting increased muscle protein synthesis during the night.
    • Reduces any inflammation, stress and enhances functions of the sleep cycle to help sleep better and recover during sleep.
    • Easy to digest and absorb, contains 5 digestive enzymes along with probiotic to ensure optimum gut flora and utilization of protein.
    • Promotes sleep, relieves stress, relaxes muscles, promotes immunity and helps with repair and healing of the tissues.
  • Unived’s Athlete Protein - Rise & Grind is a high quality Informed Sports Certified plant-based protein, formulated for athletes, and meant to be consumed in the morning, post workouts. To accompany 25grams of Pea Protein Isolate, we have included key nutrients that deliver energy, focus & concentration, and enhance NO2 production, setting you up for a productive and purposeful day ahead. Key benefits:
    • Serves as an ergogenic aid and improves Exercise endurance, cardio-respiratory performance, energy, stamina, oxygen efficiency and skeletal muscle blood flow.
    • Helps lower exercise mean arterial pressure and Reduce O2 uptake (VO2) during skeletal muscle contractions.
    • Helps maintain, repair and grow lean muscle mass, as well as, support the immune system, reduce muscle damage, improve endurance levels and reduce recovery time.
    • Helps to improve vigilance, alertness, mood, and cognitive processes during strenuous exercises and improves physical performance.
  • Taurine is the most abundant amino acid in the heart, and is essential for healthy heart muscle function. It also supports optimal liver and gallbladder function and a healthy vision. Key Benefits
    • Essential for optimal cardiovascular health
    • Taurine supports optimal liver and gallbladder function, and healthy vision
    • Taurine has shown to boost energy, endurance, and exercise performance
  • RRUNN™ Pre is a pre-workout energy mix with a blend of simple and complex, high-glycemic and low-glycemic carbohydrates. By consuming RRUNN™ Pre 15 minutes prior to your run, you have instant energy for a great start, and sustained, slow release of energy that stays with you for the long haul. Available in orange, watermelon, and green tea (caffeinated) flavour. No artificial colours, no preservatives, natural, gluten-free, and vegan.
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