By Amit Mehta Health & Wellness4 ways safed musli (Chlorophyllum borivilianum) can improve your intimacy

4 ways safed musli (Chlorophyllum borivilianum) can improve your intimacy

Did you and your partner struggle to find quality time to spend together on Valentine’s Day? Conflicting schedules, long working hours and domestic responsibilities can leave both of you too tired at the end of the day to spend some precious moments together.

Intimacy is an important part of a romantic relationship. In modern times, low libido, fatigue and physical symptoms like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are cited as the major reasons for lack of sexual dissatisfaction between couples. Before lack of intimacy puts a strain on your relationship, take active steps to remedy the situation.

As always, the answer seems to come from nature. Safed musli (Chlorophyllumborivilianum) is a herb that is widely used for its aphrodisiac and revitalizing properties. Most commercial products that claim to use this ingredient contain it only in trace amounts, and hence, are unable to bring about any significant results. However, there are some products available in the Indian market that use the standardized phytochemical extract of safed musli to deliver its potent benefits. What’s more, some of these products are available in the form of relaxing herbal teas that you can enjoy together with your partner.

Let’s look at properties of safed musli that make it the ideal herbal ingredient for couples looking to improve their collective sexual health.

1) Safed musli is an immunostimulatory agent that improves general immunity and relieves weakness.

2) A majority of Indians suffer from diabetes, and diabetes related complications can lead to erectile dysfunction. Safed musli is shown to be effective against dysfunction arising from diabetes.

3) Safed musli increases the production of testosterone, improves the sperm count and enhances sexual desire.

4) This herb, which has found mention in ancient Ayurvedic texts for its aphrodisiac properties, is shown to be effective against premature ejaculation and low sperm motility (oligospermia).

The benefits of healthy intimacy go beyond sexual satisfaction. Partners who enjoy a healthy sexual life also experience its beneficial effects in other areas of their romantic life. Better intimacy leads to better communication and togetherness – which is the secret to any successful relationship.

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