By Amit Mehta Health & Wellness4 reasons to tuck into a steaming bowl of soup

4 reasons to tuck into a steaming bowl of soup

You might be thinking, “does anyone even need a reason to have a bowl of soup?!”

We agree with you. Who doesn’t love a big bowl of comfort soup, especially on chilly winter evenings? As you come home from work with cold hands, nothing beats the feeling of settling on the sofa under a blanket, and letting the aroma of a great soup waft over you. Mmmm.

What you may not know though, is that this favorite comfort food also has some amazing health benefits.

1) Slurp up those vitamins!

Normally, the water soluble vitamins like Vitamin B-complex and C end up getting eliminated when we throw away the water in which vegetables were washed or cooked. A vegetable soup retains those precious nutrients. Vitamin B is necessary for healthy hair, skin and overall body function. Vitmain C has important benefits for your immune system.

2) Weave some fiber into your body

A high-fiber soup comes with multiple health perks like maintaining your blood sugar, managing cholesterol levels and maintaining bowel health. A soup-a-day containing the recommended intake of dietary fiber can keep your digestion in ship-shape and remove daily toxins from your system.

3) Low on calories, high on happiness

Do you have a weight-loss goal for the New Year? A soup might just be the way to attain it! A soup before a meal satiates you and keeps you from overindulging at lunch or dinner. A good soup also has a thick consistency, which helps control hunger pangs. If you are looking for an instant soup, avoid the canned ones as they are high in salt and synthetic ingredients. There are natural options available in India which are packed with goodness and taste, without the high calorie count.

4) Breathe, relax, and dig in

Never underestimate the psychological benefits of a cup of soup. As the days get shorter and darker in winter, a cup of soup calms you down, fills your stomach, and instantly relieves stress. Soup between meals also keeps you from feeling low and cranky due to hunger.

So, when you come home from work today, draw yourself a hot bath. Then settle into your favorite PJs. Curl up on the sofa, and let a bowl of soup steam up your glasses and transport you to a warm, nurturing evening. 

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